George Seabolt


George Seabolt

George Seabolt is a good friend to have. He is a very giving person with a great, big heart. George has been coming to the End of the Pavement for many years. He throws a fine Horseshoe and is hard to beat. George is usually quiet and never causes any trouble. He can sometimes get on a role and be a very funny man! Go, George!

George and Gomer with Wild Hog!


Here is George and Gomer with a wild hog. They have trapped it in a big cage. George is always helping someone do something. He has many friends. George lives nearby with his son, Jeremy.


George Smiles!



Are you smiling at me, George? George has many hobbies. He likes to hunt and travel. He owns Seabolt Concrete, so call him if you need a driveway or patio poured.

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