The End of the Pavement

The End of the Pavement
1978 - 2009
By Janice Boling

A legendary gathering place in the woods

From the late 1970's, through the 80's and 90's up to 2009, the End of the Pavement attracted people from all walks of life.

Hillbillies, gamblers, jet-setters, motorcycle gangs, politicians, preachers, pushers, vagabonds, and travelers from all over the world managed to find the place. No one was turned away.

Just a couple of acres near Mulky Gap in Union County, Georgia, the End of the Pavement was a regular watering hole for over 30 years. A mountain wilderness with trout streams, horseshoe pits, plenty of parking, and free entertainment, it is no wonder people returned week after week, year after year to this little spot in the North Georgia Mountains. The End of the Pavement, its people, and lifestyle were addicting.

Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll? I admit those things did work to pull people in. Men and women have always needed a place to hook up and sometimes the drugs were enticing. And the music? Hard rock was always the music of choice at the End of the Pavement and we played it loud.

We were a wild bunch, but this is not a story about sex and drugs. Those tales are for another day.

Memories and observations

I arrived in 1978 and was immediately adopted by this gang of free-spirited hillbillies better known as the End of the Pavement bunch. We drank lots of beer, played countless games of horseshoes, kept the campfires burning, and ate bushels of homegrown green beans -- our vegetable of choice.

As I sort through old photographs, I am reminded of people that were once closer to me than family – some I haven’t seen in over ten years. Many have passed on, some are fighting heart disease or cancer, and a few are in prison. Perhaps our couches became more comfortable than wooden benches and metal fold-up chairs. Maybe we just finally grew up. Whatever the reason, the End of the Pavement is no more.

Now, even though the End of the Pavement is disbanded, we still have our memories.

All day tournaments, rip-roaring parties, and weeks of living the high-life are more than memorable. They are legendary.

Some of the following stories are true and some may be figments of my imagination. My viewpoint might be different than the person that was standing two feet away. If you have a favorite story about the End of the Pavement or an interesting picture you want to share, send it to me and I will try to get it on here as soon as possible. The digital world is a lot different than print. I can add stuff when people remind me of things or create whole new pages. That is the most fun of all. Thanks to everyone that helps.


Horseshoes at the End of the Pavement





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