Girls at the End of the Pavement
1978 - 2009
By Janice Boling

Every girl at End of the Pavement was special.

Girls of all ages, shapes, and sizes spent time at the End of the Pavement. Here are a few of them.

April at the End of the Pavement

April with a smile

She was a hippie-pixie flower-child, but shy. I don't think I ever got a word out of her -- until she became a teenager!

Sitting on cars at the End of the Pavement
Photo submitted by April Mason

Timmy, April, and Darlene

April and Darlene sat on a couple of cars at the End of the Pavement while Timmy stood beside them. They looked happy to be out of the house.

Trish and her daughters

Trish, Samantha, and Brook

Trish had two little girls -- Samantha and baby Brooke.


Samantha was a beautiful red-headed girl. She loved playing at the End of the Pavement.

Three pretty girls

Three pretty girls

Erika, Candice,and Natalie found something interesting in that bag. Looked like sea shells -- or maybe candy.

Rose Payne

Rose in pink pants

Rose was such a sweet little girl with beautiful blue eyes. She loved hanging out with her dad at the EOP.

Diane, Leanne, and Marie

Diane, Leanne, and Marie

Three good looking girls!. We had some beautiful females at the End of the Pavement.

Candice and Lisa in van

Candice and Lisa play in Tony's van

The kids played in our vehicles while we threw horseshoes. They had coloring books, paper dolls, games, and other things to keep them busy -- but no tablets or mobile devices.

 pretty little girl with blonde hair

Little Candice was a beauty.

She was the sweetest kid, always caring for the smaller children. I knew way back then that she would be a good mother -- and she is.

Candice and Natalie

Candice and Natalie

These two little girls look like porcelain dolls. Their complexions are glowing with youthful vitality.

Natalie and Brooke

Girls in the doghouse

Natalie hugs Brooke while Samantha pokes around in the dog house.

Samantha and Natalie

Girls just want to have fun.

Samantha and Natalie probably put Brooke in the dog house. I wonder if she took a nap in there.


Erika at the End of the Pavement

Sugar and spice and everything nice describes this pretty little girl.

Baby in blue

Samantha at the End of the Pavement

Look at thos blue eyes. They match her denim outfit perfectly.

Little girl in pink

Pretty in pink

Little Tar Tar was passed around to everyone -- we all wanted to hold her. Who could resist that cute face?

Girl with a big lopsided smile

What a grin!

I probably asked her to give me a big smile for the picture -- and she did.

Girl with a tight grin

Show some teeth!

Krista was in Blairsville watching the Blairsville Sorghum Parade. I finally got a little smile out of her.





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